United Waste Services can provide you with the exact level of service required to handle your contaminated soil problems. Whether it is the simple loading, transportation, and disposal of soil or the full turnkey project calling for soil analysis and excavation, United Waste services will track your project from start to finish.

Our fleet of trucks transport your contaminated soil to Landfills, Recycling Facilities, Thermal Treatment, and Hazardous Waste Facilities. Furthermore, every truck is accompanied with a waste manifest to ensure the accuracy of disposal.

Industrial Wastes
Treatment, storage, disposal, transportation of non-hazardous and hazardous wastes
Industrial waste-water treatment
Recycling of oils, fuels, plastics and rubber
Miscellaneous Industrial Waste

Mixed Wastes
Liquids, solids and sludge
Organic and inorganic hazardous waste compounds

Rental Equipment
Roll-off Boxes
Vacuum Boxes
De-watering Boxes
Phase Separators
Steel Tanks

Types of Clean Back-Fill
LBR 40
Crushed Concrete
Sand and Top Soil